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With gas prices higher than they’ve been in three years, commuting is more expensive than ever. As gas prices rise, so do commuters’ frustrations—every visit to the gas station met by an exasperated eye roll at the gas prices and a reluctant surrender of your money.

Price per gallon continues to creep higher and higher, with the average price for regular-grade gasoline hitting $3.00 in the United States mid May. According to Spokesman, gas prices have climbed 41 cents in the last three months alone. Trilby Lundberg, gas industry expert, claims the rising numbers are due to an increase in crude oil prices and the implementation of “summer-grade gasoline,” which is meant to reduce smog and is, therefore, more expensive.

Unfortunately, gas prices are rising just in time for long-awaited summer vacations and activities. You’ve been looking forward to this season, and you don’t want to be forced to spend your entire vacation budget on gas money. Not to mention, you have other monetary responsibilities, whether it be monthly bills, saving for a house, or other home investments.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of credit cards you can use for your gas-guzzling commute. If you’re going to spend significant money on gas, you might as well earn points and rewards to put towards your commute, car repairs, or other expenses. Gas credit cards allow you to earn money by spending money.

Before you continue, here is a credit card tip to consider: if you are able to, always pay your credit card balance in full at the end of every month. If this isn’t something you think you’ll be able to do, select a credit card that has a low annual percentage rate (APR). Paying off your balance every month before the due date ensures you don’t pay interest on your purchases. And if you plan on leaving a balance on your credit card, you are going to want a low APR.

Here is a breakdown of the top three credit cards you can use for your commute: