Gas Credit Cards FAQs

1. Which gas credit cards are good for business?The best gas credit cards for business offer double rewards earned for each dollar spent on gas, such as the Chase Ink Classic and the American Express OPEN Business Gold Rewards Card. The Capital One Sparks Cash for Business Card is another great choice.

2. Are there gas credit cards for people with no credit?People with no credit or bad credit can apply for gas rebate cards, as they typically have more lenient credit application standards. BP and Exxon sometimes award cards to applicants with bad credit, and Discover Card offers secured or unsecured gas credit cards for people with average, bad, or no credit. Shop around and apply only for those with a reputation for issuing cards to consumers with no credit. Be forewarned: submitting multiple requests for credit can potentially damage your credit score.

3. What are secured gas credit cards?Secured gas credit cards or gas rebate credit cards require a cash deposit into the cardholder’s account. Gas is purchased against the cash in the account. When the credit is depleted, the cardholder can recharge the card by depositing additional funds. Secured gas cards are an excellent choice for people with bad credit who have been turned down for unsecured credit cards.

4. Which gas credit cards have the best rewards?The Discover Open Road Card is one of the best gas credit cards with no annual fee. There’s also a Discover Open Road Card for Students. For those who buy gas at Costco, the Costco True Earnings Card from American Express is a smart choice. Also, the Chase Freedom Card has no annual fee, generous bonuses, and is an excellent all-purpose rewards card for saving money on gas.

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