Low Interest Credit Card FAQs

1. Which low interest cards have no annual fee?Some of the best low interest credit cards with no annual fee are Capital One Venture, Chase Slate, Citi Simplicity, Discover More, and the Citi Diamond preferred. All of these currently offer 0 APR introductory rates with no annual fee.

2. What are the best low interest credit cards for teachers?Low interest cards with no annual fees are the best options for teachers – and many are offered by teaching profession credit unions. Do an online search to find a teachers’ credit union in your area and enjoy low rates, no annual fees, and rewards programs. For instance, if you get no annual fee Visa card with the ScoreCard rewards program, you’ll earn one rewards point for every dollar you spend. Redeem rewards for travel, merchandise, and products and services especially tailored to educators – with no limits on how much you can earn and no travel restrictions.

3. What are the best low interest credit cards for nurses?Capital One Venture, Citi Simplicity, and Discover More offer low interest rates with no annual fees. The American Nursing Association (ANA) also has a partnership with GE Money a credit card that includes a rewards program. Nurses earn points and redeem them for benefits, like your ANA membership fee. Other great nurse association credit cards are the National Student Nurses Association Card, the Registered Nurse Card, the Nursing WorldPoints Card, and the Oncology Nurses Society Card.

4. What are the best low interest credit cards for college students?Discover Card offers some excellent credit card options for students, including the Student Clear Card, Mix Tape Student Card, and Student Tropical Beach Card.

5. What are fixed low interest credit cards?A fixed low interest card has an affordable rate that doesn’t change over time. While they’re challenging to find, you can still find many that have a fixed rate for a limited number of months. The best low interest credit cards with this option are those that offer zero interest credit card to new customers. The next best option is cards with fixed rates under 5%. Introductory rates offered by card companies are normally fixed for anywhere from three to 18 months, and the longer the rate is fixed, the better.

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