Prepaid Debit Cards FAQs

1. Can I use a prepaid debit card with Paypal?Yes, you can. In fact, there’s a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard that’s one of the most popular prepaid credit cards used to build credit. The PayPal Prepaid card has an optional savings account feature, online financial management tools, and rewards for specific purchases. You can still use prepaid debit cards with PayPal, even if they’re issued by another credit card company.

2. Can I use a prepaid debit card at Walmart?Yes. Walmart also sells its own MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards. The Walmart Money Card is one of the best prepaid credit cards, since it’s available at Walmart stores worldwide and has very reasonable fees.

3. Can I use a prepaid debit card to pay loans?Yes, as long as there is sufficient credit on the card to cover the loan payment. To avoid unwanted charges, use prepaid credit cards with no fees for transactions.

4. Where can I find prepaid debit card reviews?You’ll find extensive, FREE reviews here on! Reviews are also available in Consumer ReportsMoney, and Kiplinger’s.

5. Where can I purchase a prepaid debit card?Prepaid debit cards from MasterCard and Visa are widely available for purchase online and at retail locations like convenience stores and Walmart worldwide. American Express also offers one of the best prepaid credit cards to build credit and it can be purchased online or at participating retail locations.

6. Can I rent a car with a prepaid debit card?It depends upon the policy of the particular rental agency and what kind of prepaid card is used. Some rental companies don’t accept cards they know are prepaid. If you plan to use a prepaid debit card to rent a car, inquire in advance with the rental agency.

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