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Good credit is in demand. And, most people have never been educated on how to achieve and maintain a good credit score. Therefore, you can bring credit services and education to  the millions who need it and get paid well to do it in a credit repair career.

We have been in the credit repair industry since 2012. Over those years I have shown hundreds of people how to start a credit repair business for themselves. As well, we have coached hundreds more on how to attract more clients and drive revenue and profits into their credit repair business. And, I can help you too.

Become a Credit Repair Agent - Tradelines Direct

The Challenges You Need to be Know About to Start a Credit Repair Career

Even though credit repair is a great business, and you can help Americans improve their financial situation, it’s a very difficult business to get started.

Because of federal and state regulations, surety bonds, low up front client fees, heavy administrative and customer support requirements, and technology needs, it can cost a lot of time and more money that you think to start a credit repair business.

Own an Independent Credit Repair Agency

Credit Monkey is a leading Credit Repair and Consulting and staffing firm with a diverse client base ranging from private start-up/VC organizations to Fortune 1000 companies. We are committed to providing the best customer service for our clients. We are equally committed to improving the lives of our employees and have been honored by as one of the 50 best places to work. The Credit Monkey is BBB Accredited with an “A+” rating.

Become a Credit Repair Agent - Tradelines Direct

As an Independent Credit Repair Agent you own your business. But you don’t have to build it all from scratch. You’ll represent Credit Monkey. We will give you everything you need to be in the credit repair business immediately. And you’ll offer more than credit repair (removing negative items). You will help your clients improve their credit score in multiple ways. This allows you to provide the very best credit repair service in the country. In all 50 sates. With an A+ BBB rating. And, certified by the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO).

Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever thought about getting into the credit repair industry? Well, if not, you are missing out, because the credit repair industry is on fire right now. We have license opportunities for as little as $199/mo.  The best way to learn this industry is by learning without any pressure. Once you are comfortable with our credit system, then you are ready to start building your own credit repair business. We currently have over 800 agents in all 50 states nationwide at Credit Monkey Agents and we add to our team every week.

Our Opportunity

The average American makes $42k a year. That’s $42k a year folks. That’s it. 87% of Americans are living pay check to pay check and about that same % has less than $5,000 in the bank. Just let that sink in for a moment. On top of that, you aren’t getting raises and work place advancements anymore either. Those days are long gone and only reserved for the few. So, instead of being a corporate drone for some corporation, why don’t you build your own future? Gain your own freedom? Become your own boss?

What we do here at Credit Monkey is provide you the tools to succeed and run your own credit repair company. You may do it under our corporate structure or build your own brand. We are in this industry because it allows us to be free, financially and mentally.

Our structure makes it very affordable for you to join us and it allows you to move up within our company and become a national licensee. We empower growth, we don’t rob you of it.

Become A Credit Repair Agent All Licensees Are Provided:

  • Back end corporate support.
  • Access to our software to maintain client results and updates.
  • The opportunity to build your own team on a National level.
  • Credit Repair Leads
  • Opportunity to lead others to become a success.
  • Free yourself from having…..A JOB!
  • $25/mo discounted Credit Repair for new licensees upon sign up.
  • Credit Re-establishment Programs.
  • Permanent Removals.
  • Real time removal credit tracking software.
  • We offer the highest payouts in this industry. If you can find a company that pays better than us, we’ll let you join us at no charge.

Pricing – Cost to Join

6 Different Levels Of Plans

  • Bronze Level – Under 5 Clients –  This is a $30 Commission Per Client contract.
  • Silver Level – Over 5 Clients  This is a $60 Commission Per Client contract. 
  • Platinum Level – Over 10 Clients  This is a $90 Commission Per Client contract + $30 a Month. 


  • Bronze X1 Level – Over 15 Clients –  30% contract. You keep 30% of your credit repair revenue. 
  • Silver X2 Level – Over 25 Clients  – 40% contract. You keep 40% of your credit repair revenue.
  • Platinum X3 Level — Over 25 Clients – 60% contract. $99/mo software and servicing fee.  

Become A Credit Repair Agent, we are the only credit company in this galaxy to have this pay structure and to provide their credit agents with leads.  We have our own book of business, so we share that with you. 

60% contract example:  You sign up a client at $99/mo x 7 months.  You make $415.80.    Now, you do the math if you sign up 10-20 clients a month.  Now you get the picture on how lucrative this business can be.   

* All processing is done by corporate office.  You will do ZERO paperwork.  Everything is online utilizing the latest technology.  No dispute letter mailing. 

* Software that will allow you to manage and run your business.  It also keeps track of your customers updates and progresses.

* Monthly webinar training sessions by corporate office.  (The day you stop learning is the day your revenue decreases).  We take training and growth very seriously.

And most important, you become part of our company.  You won’t be in this alone.  You will have a great support group for you to lean on.  Credit Monkey together will help you achieve your goals.  

Start at the recommended Bronze level. Get to know us. Let us train you. If you like us, great, stay. If not, no hard feelings, you may leave. We realize that if you join us under loads of pressure, you will most likely quit. It is important to us that you to feel comfortable. We want you to enjoy your stay. We just ask that you come motivated to learn and succeed!

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for motivated individuals who are looking to join Credit Monkey. Will you be part of our continued growth? We only have spots available for another 1500 licensees, so the time to join our company is NOW!

We’ve made it affordable for everyone, you just have to want it. We can’t force you into the world of business. It’s something that you either want or don’t want. This is about freedom. It always has and always will be. So, come join us!

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