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Since our founding you, our customers, have told us you want more options to build credit. For most people, that means getting access to a credit card. 

But because of an unknown and complex approval process, a lot of people get rejected for traditional credit cards. 

The next best option is a secured credit card — which is a credit card where you make a $200-$500 refundable deposit in order to secure the credit limit. 

The biggest challenge for most people is coming up with that large deposit. And many secured cards have an unclear application process, perform hard inquiries, and even reject some applicants!

We hear you and we’re here to help. Today, we’re proud to announce:

We’re launching the Self Visa® Credit Card!

Your next credit-building tool

Our customers need a way to build on the progress they’ve made with their Credit Builder Accounts. They also need a way to gain access to a credit card, without hurting their credit or experiencing rejection. 

Secured credit cards aren’t new, but we’re changing the process to get one. Now you don’t have to cough up hundreds of dollars at once to get a secured credit card. 

You get the option to say “yes” to a credit card instead of being told “no.”

Rather than relying on secret systems to judge a person’s “credit-worthiness,” we’ll use the payment history on your Credit Builder Account to determine your eligibility for the card. 

How to get your Self credit card

Here’s how you can get your Self credit card, in plain English:

  1. Open a Self Credit Builder Account
  2. Make at least your last 3 monthly payments on time. 
  3. Have $100 or more savings progress in your account. 
  4. Have no outstanding fees. 
  5. Choose your credit limit and get your Self Visa Credit Card. 

Watch this one-minute video that explains how it works:

Now you know how exactly how to get a credit card, and you are in control. 

What’s great about our credit card:

  • It’s a real credit card. Use it wherever Visa is accepted in the U.S. … and we report to all three major credit bureaus. 
  • Once you’re eligible, you’re approved. It’s that simple and it’s your choice. 
  • No hard credit inquiry. We trust you and we won’t perform a hard inquiry. 
  • No extra deposit needed. Just choose your credit limit based on your savings progress in your account. 

Now, you can build credit with the Self Credit Builder Account and credit card.

Lead Bank, Kansas City, Missouri, is the issuer of your Self Visa® Credit Card.

About the author

James Garvey is the CEO and co-founder of Self, a fintech startup with a mission to help people build credit and save money, whether they’re establishing credit from scratch or rebuilding. For more info, please visit: https://www.self.inc