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Self Lender Build Credit CD account will help you build your credit. installment loan is a small installment loan saved in a CD.

Credit Zenga Self Lender Review – Written By Nicole S.

How does Self Lender Build Credit work?

Self-Lender is a quick and easy way to built credit and save at the same time because its considered a installment loan. You open a Self Lender Build Credit CD savings account with Self-Lender for 12 months. They offer 12 or 24 month terms and four different amounts – $526, $545, $1000 or $1700. In the meantime, make your fixed monthly payments and will automatically include applicable interest charges. To sum it up, you don’t need any credit to open this account with Self-Lender.

In all reality Self-Lender isn’t really taking a risk. For instance, if you miss a payment they will simply keep your original deposit. However, when you sign up you pay a non-refundable administration fee in addition to the interest as well. Ultimately, this amount is based upon the amount you invest and the higher you invest the greater your amount.

Open an account for 12 months and pay your monthly payments on time. At the end of the term you get your money back plus the interest. All your hard work will pay off. Upon open an account with Self-Lender they report on all three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). It works like an installment loan and builds a positive credit history.


  • Credit monitoring – Self-Lender provides credit monitoring for free. If you decide to take out a credit building loan, it’s convenient that you don’t have to go to another site to access your credit score.
  • At the end of the term – Ultimately, when the loan term is completed and you successfully paid all the money back, you receive the money that was initially deposited into a CD. In conclusion, the amount you receive ranges from $526 to $1,700, plus any interest you accrued, depending on the loan you took out. As an alternative, you can have the option to receive money with a traditional CD account or by making scheduled payments to your savings account; however, neither of those options will help you build credit.
  • Will improve your credit score. A credit builder loan such as Self-Lender is designed to help you build credit, and to make the loan truly effective, you have to do more than simply take it out. It’s important to save that the payment history is most important part of your credit score at 35% — plus, having a loan as part of your credit history also helps your credit mix, a factor that makes up 10% of your credit score. Paying on-time and within the terms of your loan will defiantly apply to your credit as a positive payment history.


  • Short Time in Business – Self-Lender has Been in business since 2014. That makes Self-Lender is a younger company in the credit industry. Almost all credit affiliated companies have more experience.
  • All payments are reported including late payments – Because all payments are reported, that also means any late payments you may have; which will most likely damage your credit.
  • Approval isn’t guaranteed – They don’t do a credit check but; they check your bank history. In cases where you show a lot of returned checks and negatives that may disqualify you.
  • There’s an additional fee if you are late – if you pay after the 15-day grace period.

Requirements for the self loan

Loan applications are submitted online, through Self-Lenders website.

To be qualified :

  • You mudy be at least over the age of 18.
  • Be a permanent resident of the U.S
  • All applicants must have a Social Security number
  • Have either a bank account or debit card;  a prepaid card is OK (You’ll pay a fee for using a debit card.)

After you complete the information needed, Self-Lender runs a check through the ChexSystems, this is similar to running your credit. However, this only checks your bank account and history with your bank. It’s important to treat your bank good, because they look for overdrafts and bad checks. Unless you let your overdrafts sit unpaid, you should be in good shape.

You can’t have had a negative ChexSystems report, such as bounced checks or unpaid fees, in the previous 180 days.

Loan terms12 or 24 months
Loan amounts$526
Administrative fee$9 to $15
Late fee$1.25 to $7.50
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