Are you considering credit repair services? Are you looking for the best credit repair companies?

Too often, people see credit repair companies as shams and fly-by-night operations. Unfortunately, these operations have given all credit repair companies a bad reputation. Fortunately, however, there are honest and good companies who do their best to satisfy their customer’s needs; companies who really care about making lives a little easier across the country.

What this means for you is that it can be tough to filter through the scams and find legitimate credit repair companies who are still friendly to your wallet. If you don’t know the warning signs to look for, it seems like an endless sea of companies, and any one of them might be a landmine. Of course, it isn’t so dramatic, thankfully, and with a little help, the decision can be rather straightforward and easy.

At Your Personal Finance Tips, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down who we think are the top credit repair companies on the market today. You may find that this article will help you make quick decisions about each company in about half the time it would take for you to research their services on your own. After all, even though fast credit repair is a myth, we feel like you shouldn’t have to spend time you don’t have to. The sooner you start the credit repair process, the easier and better your financial standing is.

It’s our goal at Your Personal Finance Tips to ensure we cover multiple options and services to provide flexibility, as everyone is in a different financial situation, and we’re dedicated to helping relieve as much stress from the process as possible. In this article, we’ve included an overview of who the best credit repair companies in the market today are. In each overview, we cover a variety of major decision points and compare each one against the other, so you can make a more informed choice depending on your individual situation. No matter if you’re looking for simply credit maintenance options or looking for full-blown credit repair services, we have your back and will help you find the right credit repair company for your wallet and needs.

Overview of Sky Blue

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Sign Up for Sky Blue

How to Sign Up

With Sky Blue credit repair, you can easily sign up by clicking the button above. They have a few more fields to fill out than the other, but it’s all for the sake of thoroughness. In their online forum, you’ll have to provide some information about yourself such as your full name, address, phone and email address. You will have the option to opt in to a few services and discounts on this page.

The next page is where you’ll fill out your billing information, and the last page is a primer on their services and getting started with Sky Blue. It’s rather straight-forward, but it can be overwhelming to gloss over at first.

If you have any trouble signing up for an account or simply would prefer to do it over the phone, you certainly have that option.

Services They Are Best Known For

Sky Blue is known solely for their credit repair process, and their fast and efficient results. They don’t branch out a great deal, which means they’re able to focus on great credit repair services instead. For a more in-depth look at what they offer with credit repair services, see our Pricing Options and Service Features section below.

Pricing Options and Service Features

The basic credit repair services Sky Blue offers includes a detailed review of your credit report. This review addresses issues that are harming your credit score and personalized tips to help you improve your credit score with Score Assistance. They’ll even go over your report with a pro analysis and identify which items would be best to dispute in the short term. You’ll be able to get an in-depth review of your latest report, as well as ongoing dispute letters and negotiations with the credit bureaus, creditors, and lenders. Sky Blue starts fast and works smart with your credit repair services, disputing more cases per month than many other credit repair companies in the market today.

Need guidance on rebuilding your credit score? After all, they can’t do all the work. They’ll help guide you through the process of successfully opening new credit cards and managing your FICO score balances.

Their pricing option for this service is an incredible $59/mo. If you are signing up with your significant other, married or not, you can both sign up for only $99/mo.

If you need additional credit repair services, they can provide it. Whether you’re in need of debt validation, letters of goodwill, debt settlement or negotiation consultations, just call them up. No additional cost is necessary for these special services, either.

On top of all that, their easy, user-friendly customer portal has all of your account information and tools all in one place on their website. Track the progress of your credit repair service, update any personal or billing information you may need, upload additional documents, communicate with a customer support team, or even pause your membership at will.

Customer Service and Reputation

Sky Blue has offered credit repair services since 1989 and stays in compliance with the CROA. They are licensed and registered with the States Attorney General offices where they are required and hold the appropriate surety bonds for their business type. Sky Blue prides themselves in their dedication to customer support and quality credit repair services.


Sky Blue has an exemplary guarantee that lets you cancel at any time without any further charge or obligation.

Additionally, they also have a 90-day guarantee which means your money will be refunded in full if you’re not satisfied with their services for any reason. This is the only condition-free guarantee in the industry that we have found to date. The guarantee is effective for 90 days from the date you enrolled in their services and cannot exceed what you’ve paid during those first 90 days. This is Sky Blue’s way of standing behind their quality of work and promising they deliver excellent results in such a competitive and tough industry.

Last but not least, Sky Blue offers another incredibly advantage that is hard to pass up: the ability to pause your membership at the click of a button. That’s right – it only takes a few minutes to pause your membership and stop payments. When you’re ready to resume services, it’s just as easy. You can resume through your account portal on their website or with a quick phone call and they’ll pick up where they left off and get your credit repair in progress once again, just like that.


Sky Blue offers a discount for couples when signing up. You don’t have to be married to get the discount; as Sky Blue says, if you live together and pay together, you qualify for the discount. This discount also gives you the option to manage both accounts in one client portal. The discount is $99/mo for two people and saves the two of you about $20/mo to sign up using the couples discount rather than signing up individually. This can be done in the initial sign up process by checking a box and entering in the other individual’s name.

Cancellation Policy

Sky Blue’s cancellation policy is straightforward and simple. You can either call their support hotline or pause your membership in their online customer portal. Whether you choose the quick phone call or a few clicks of a button, you can always resume your service should you need to in the future, however, and they’ll quickly pick up right where they left off. No questions asked, no obligation, just cancellation. You may be billed for the current month just like you would with a utility bill as services are rendered prior to charging your card, but once that has rolled over, you’re in the clear with a fresh new credit score to smile about.

Overview of Credit Monkey

Sign Up for Credit Monkey

How to Sign Up

Signing up with Credit Monkey is fairly standard procedure when it comes to the best credit repair companies. You enter information such as your name, email, zip code, address, and phone number. Then, you select the services you’d like to opt into, and lastly agree to their legal terms.

You can sign up by clicking on the button above. They’ll then take you through a client intro through the site, which is a sort of onboarding process to get to know you and walk you through their typical process. If you would prefer to sign up over the phone, you can call their customer support hotline, though it may take a little longer to complete the sign up process over the phone because of how simplified and easy it is from their website.

Services They Are Best Known For

Credit Monkey is most commonly known for their credit repair services, which we’ll go into more depth on underneath Pricing Options, but they do also offer identity theft protection services. Identity theft protection services go hand-in-hand with credit repair if you’ve been a victim of identity theft in the past or if you are at risk for identity theft. This is an option not many people think about taking, but the truth is that in 2019 alone, over 21 million Americans had been a victim of identity theft, and many of them will never know because they don’t check their credit reports.

Pricing Options and Service Features

Credit Monkey offers straightforward and simply pricing options, helping you customize the level of credit repair services you want. They have three main tiers of services; Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and PremierPlus. Each one of these packages provides a better level of service and can get you to the next level of your credit repair process.

Initializing Fees

Every good credit repair company has an initializing fee to ensure they don’t lose money on the work they do in the first month. Credit Monkey has a rather inexpensive initializing fee of $0.00.

Concord Standard

This is the most basic credit repair service package Credit Monkey offers. This package offers the “essentials of ethical credit report repair.”

Of course, it can be hard to tell what this means at a glance. The Concord Standard package offers basic credit repair services, such as fixing mistakes and inaccurate information on your credit reports, sending out letters of good faith to your lenders, and looking for legal loopholes that you can potentially use to your advantage. Credit Monkey will negotiate with your creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf to ensure your reports are fair and accurate, and even double-check your lenders against the FTC regulations. If your lenders aren’t following the FTC regulations, then Credit Monkey can request the negative information be removed from your report entirely.

In most cases, you’ll even have a paralegal assigned to your account in particular to consult about alternative ways to help you raise your credit score and maintain healthy financial practices.